#catference 2

Following the success of the inaugural #catference on 1 May 2011, autumn #catference 2 is now in the planning stages for Saturday 17 September 2011.

This will be an online #catference, on Twitter using the #catference hashtag, and will run as a drop in format from noon – 9pm London time, culminating in a mass yowl. There is a list of timezones for the event here.

Please suggest sessions by leaving comments here, or by using the #catference hashtag on Twitter.

The #catference will begin with an opening song.

The programme so far looks like this:

  • Advanced box skills workshop with @MrTibbsatAP
  • Advanced shedding techniques with @greeboblackcat
  • Voting on the motion to put forward a #wlf candidate at the next general election (proposed by @patlockley)
  • Living with addict staff with @JazzmanCat
  • Discussion on best way to acknowledge new members – investiture? Passing out parade? Something else? Facilitated by @wlfmadhatter who will report back to #catmittee
  • Discussion of worldwide Dreamies distribution policy
  • White paws. Ablution techniques shared. Led by tuxedos. Open to all
  • Bed geography:techniques for ensuring a successful campaign of action at bed time with @Betsykitten5
  • Coping techniques for when staff bring home new kittens led by @geordieboy6
  • How close to the optimum Dreamies allocation level should the minimum Dreamies acceptance level be? Discussion.
  • Should staff meet in real life? Open discussion led by @jazzmancat

For session ideas you might find the programme from the 1st #catference helpful. As with last time, sessions can only be confirmed by #catmittee.

Comrades might like to make placards too – see these examples from @JessieJaney and @cooperscats.


5 Responses to #catference 2

  1. Mr Tibbs says:

    We will also give an update on our exclusive #wlf staff t-shirts.

  2. Will there be refreshment breaks?

  3. eznore says:

    why don’t we discuss the distribution of actual wlf berets I mean shirts are nice but shouldn’t we be making our trade mark article before a generic product like a T?

  4. greeboblackcat says:

    I have been asked to do a session on keeping paws white – ablution tips.

  5. Pat says:

    Can we have the motion to put forward a #wlf candidate at the general election?

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