Attention #wlf: #catference is on 1 May, 7pm BST (6pm GMT)

Make sure you are there. If I can help with remembering the programme I will.



Here is a list of the ones I have heard of so far. Everything is subject to approval by the #catmittee:

  • Feline sexism
  • Dignity and revolutionary discipline for cadets
  • Tuna tasting and appreciation
  • Effective gnome wrangling with guest speaker @Flo_Tortoise, who will discuss the best way to #widdleonagnome
  • Getting the most from staff – sharing training and management tips and tricks
    • The best way for staff to give medication to comrades should they need it (with BigWidu)
    • Eye contact: how to manipulate humans
  • Camouflage hints when stalking prey
  • Box occupation and inspection: making best use of cardboard in campaigns, searching, hiding, and social uses of boxes. A practical workshop with @greeboblackcat
  • Presentation on building a #catwall 2 protect staff from stalky things with @JessieJaney
  • Humans and the minimum wage (and treats for cats) with @rowleywaycat

Other agenda items include:

  • Voting members to the Central Committee of the #wlf
  • Staff T-shirts for fundraising

Fringe meetings:

  • #Psicorps – venue on a need to know basis
  • #UndercoverBrigade – focussing on duvet burrowing technique
  • #wlfairborne – fear of flying? Let @SpangleWundacat help you
  • Solidarity yowling at 2200GMT (topic tba)

About Eldrid
I help cats remember things.

10 Responses to Attention #wlf: #catference is on 1 May, 7pm BST (6pm GMT)

  1. Thank you very much for the invitation that I sent Mr. Pie, I am committed to good causes to help the animals and the hambientes, I would like Mr. Pie was within the committee, I am at your service when required.

  2. Splinteredones says:

    I was just skyping with @ JeremyforPrez and @SilastheBrave..both wished to say they wish they could be in attendance but mean mom has placed them in their rooom/lockdown and I am thousands of miles away & hooman. They hope notes w/b available. Thamk you. 😉

  3. Myself and Freddy Vander Bitsacat, and Princess Merlyn Woolybum Snotdotter Marderfuff would like to register to attend. Freddy is still a cadet though. Merlyn would like to know if Princesses are allowed, as she understands there may be some of the lower classes around. (i.e. hoomans)

  4. BibleCat says:

    Yes, upon reading of the up coming #widdleonagnome training class at our #WLF #catference…I feel quite led to perhaps give a history of the Gnome…just where did this fellow and his kind come from and why the resurgence….what is behind all of this…We Must KNow our GNOMES!….that is all…thank-you! BibleCat

  5. Dianne M. Gomez says:

    Im a new member of the #wlf & I would like to know what all the abbreviations to the #yowls mean
    & the different meanings for those different names..
    Please email me everything I should know about being in the #wlf..


    • Mr Tibbs says:

      You will find our Manifesto here, on Eldrid’s blog – that will tell you what we stand for comrade. Eldrid is a rather remarkable elephant and also the memory of the #wlf. We are very proud of him.

  6. Jo Kinane says:

    I would like to do a session on the best way for staff to give medication to comrades should they need it. Can we add this to the agenda please?!

    • Mr Tibbs says:

      This seems a very interesting subject comrade and I see no reason why it shouldn’t be included. You will need to talk to Eldrid about it and, as long as it ensures lots of treats (preferably Dreamies) and cuddles I see no harm – we all need to know how best to train our staff in this area so we gain the maximum from a trip to the v-e-t. Does it also ensure that staff remain full of remorse for the longest possible time?

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