4 years ago #wlf was founded – call for #catference4?

Four years ago, on 23 May 2010, the #wlf was founded as a socialist feline faction. We thank those brave few who were our founders. Respect to all #wlf comrades. It is a useful time to remind ourselves of our founding principles: the #wlf is and continues to be a an international collective of socialist cats and sympathetic members of other species (including the odd human and at least one tortoise).

Our principles are embodied in the #wlf code.

We have had occasional #catferences when we can share good #wlf practice and come together under a shared set of ideals. Perhaps it’s time for #catference4?

This year, 2014, the 23rd May falls on a Friday. Perhaps a comrade might propose a 24 hour #catference to celebrate #wlffoundersday from 6pm BST on 23 May to 6pm BST 24 May (see worldwide times here)?

VIVA! Leave comments here or on Twitter using #wlffoundersday


#catference4: draft programme published, please read #wlf

Catmittee has put a provisional programme together for #catference4 on Saturday 4 May 2013. You can see it here. If there is a session which requires a leader, and you fancy doing it, please add your name to the draft programme. It looks like it’s going to be a great event, getting the #wlf back to its revolutionary socialist roots, with some fun too.

If you don’t know the #wlf anthem, it’s here.

Previous catference programmes are here and here.


Attn: #wlf #catference 4: Caturday 4 May 2013

Comrades of the #wlf

Catmittee has called for another catference to remind us of our roots.

The date is Caturday 4 May 2013. Catmittee has asked that volunteers to lead sessions make suggestions in comments on this post. A catference programme will be assembled  from these suggestions nearer the date.

If previous catferences are anything to go by, it will be a great day.

#viva #wlf

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