What is the #wlf?

  • The Whiskas Liberation Front (WLF), known on Twitter as #wlf, is an international collective of socialist cats and sympathetic members of other species (including the odd human and at least one tortoise).
  • It was founded by a small collective of British socialist cats, and has grown to be a leaderless worldwide phenomenon with no rules, and comrades from all kinds of species.
  • The founding principles are embodied in the code (en) which is also available in German. Any prospective members should agree with these principles by leaving a comment on this code.
  • Use the #wlf hashtag often to show your solidarity.
  • The WLF Madhatter may bestow a hat on you at an appropriate time.
  • Comrades may or may not like to read a little about conduct.

32 Responses to What is the #wlf?

  1. Trudy Carle says:

    Kinda new to twitter & my 3 furbabies-ms America (Deceased) Big Boy & Mr Peeples plus Ginger would like to participate-❤️

  2. Hello I promise to uphold #WLF code, I would like to join along with my cat Shea, currently he doesn’t have a twitter account but he does have a facebook account. my twiiter name is @rainbow_wheels my facebook account is Aleks Marshall, and Shea’s is Shea Purrs Marshall

  3. @KlutzycatLaya says:

    I pwomises to do good fur all kitty cept my sisfur caus we hates each other,salutes

  4. prudence says:

    How can I get my cat to join your group? he’s friends with some of the Wlf cat’s on Twitter

  5. Sookie Stackhouse Gamble says:

    Hewwo Mr Eldrid
    Ma name iz Sookie Stackhouse Gamble & I lives wiz ma Mom & ma big brofur Snowey the Siamese
    I iz want muchly to join the #WLF my brofur has a beret & I iz sad bcos I feels lefted owt 😦
    Pleeeeese cann u helps me so i can bcome #WLF memba & joins ma brofur & ma Mom 2 gives oppressed & abused #anipals anofur voice??
    I promises I wil where the #WLF beret wiv purride – I mays only b a baybee but I gots a big heart >^..^<
    Tanks yoo Mr Eldrid
    Wuv & hedrubs Pooki xo

  6. Kat the Rescue Cat says:

    It’s nice to find a group that stands up for four legged brofurs and sisfurs. Showing support rather than tearing down. It’s something that humans should learn to do.

  7. frndlyghost says:

    I’m already a member, and so is my sister ( @EstherDBunny ). Our sweet, loving kitty, named Casper, just went over the rainbow bridge this past Saturday. It was also her 6-week-old birthday. Esther and I, along with our mom ( @frndlyghost ) were wondering if Casper could be an honorary wlf member.

    Casper was a very nice, very gentle and kind-hearted kitty who spread love and happiness everywhere she went. Casper went to lots of places, because she couldn’t walk well and Mom didn’t want to leave her at home. Mom said “If anything happens, Casper can’t run like the other cats. It wouldn’t be right to leave her home.” So Casper traveled with Mom and Dad, in a special bag. The day before she died, Mom bought a very comfy carrier for her.

    Casper made friends everywhere she went. Even now, people all over Lake County, CA are mourning the loss of this sweet little angel of a kitten. In her 6 weeks on this earth, little Casper brought joy and inspiration to so many people. She was in so much discomfort, due to a genetic spinal defect. But she never complained. She just purred, sighed, and LOVED. I think she would make a great honorary cadet.

  8. @MrNelson01 says:

    I’m not big on joining in but I’m @MrNelson01 and I’m a huge black cat and I live with my two sisters cats who are tiny… I sign up to the #wlf principles with pride

  9. Busterbrit says:

    Hi, I’m Busterbrit and I’m a #wlf puddy…

  10. louise carroll says:

    We are 5 rescue mogs, Ginger Georgie, Chubbs Jackie, Chubbs Tiddlywinks Pipsqueak, Mr Tom and Louis Catorze, we are all ready to sign up – and would be happy to share a beret between us…purrs and huge miaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwws

  11. Zipper says:

    I am Zipper Ophelia Chernishenko.I am a calico kitty who would love to join the #WLF organization.I would wear my beret with pride everywhere I go and help spread the word of this lovely group.My twitter ID is @DaCupcakeKitty Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    • Zipper says:

      Since me has changed my name I wanted to notify you all,I am no longer Zipper Ophelia Chernishenko but Zipper Ophelia LaChance.Sorry for the inconvenience.

  12. Katy says:

    I am Katy,a golden retriever.I would like to join #WLF and would wear my beret with great pride.My twitter ID is @doggie_attitude and my sisfur who would like to join as well is @DaCupcakeKitty (Zipper)

  13. Zipper says:

    I,Zipper Ophelia Chernishenko agree to
    #WLF ‘s beliefs and would like to join you all in the fight to get us cats the proper,royal,treatment we deserve.

  14. Kahlua says:

    My name is Kahlua, I’m a 6 month old Siamese & I want to join the #wlf! Fellow anipal #scarysmartkitty told me about the cause. I am very energetic and will wear my hat with purride to help out all my anipals. I hope you accept me into your collective! My tag is @kahluathekitty.

  15. karen64frost says:

    Hello Sir, my name is Maesie and I would like to become a member of the #wlf alongside my brofur Oban who joined earlier this year. I promise to follow the code of conduct and respect my fellow anipal comrades. I will wear my beret with pride. Thank you #wlf

  16. Zachary says:

    Hi kittehs, my name is Zachary but I go by Zack or @ZackSoftPaws on twitter, I’m a 6 year old DSH and would love to join you in the wlf

  17. Rod Blaker says:

    We, Mojo (I am a challenged Manx with a 3 inch tail) and Maddie (I am a proud Torby and I am not going to explain that) seek membership; and we offer to bring with us our Canadian colleagues, The Raging Grannies, founded in Victoria, British Columbia. Together we can move bowels and mountains!

  18. @poshiepaws says:

    Hello, I would be very proud to join your esteemed organisation! I am a 5 year old black cat who promises to uphold your values and principles. I would be most honoured if could grant my request. Thank you *pawhugs* #wlf

  19. Ben Watson says:

    I, @Bear_MewPal humbly request the honor of joining the #wlf. I pledge to follow the code of conduct at all times and always be respectful of my anipal friends. If accepted into your wonderful group, I promise to help in any way needed and be a good #wlf member. Thanks our good mewfriends. You are the best ! : ). #wlf #pawhugs

  20. @KodoCat says:

    Hello, I would like to be a member of #wlf like all my friends are. I’m a very nice 16 yr old lady cat. I will uphold the code of conduct and be a loyal member of the WLF. Thank you

  21. bambibrooke says:

    Please I would like to ask you to make my furiend @hectarepuss a comrade of #wlf. He made the journey to Rainbow Bridge last wk and his mum is so upset. I think doing this would make her happy and proud. Thankyou #wlf

  22. I would like to be a member of #wlf And I promise to uphold the code of conduct and will wear my beret with pride. Paw salute! realityntails

  23. Doggy Molly says:

    I would like to be a member if #wlf I pawmise to uphold the code of conduct and if given a beret to wear it with pride. #wlf always.

    Doggy Molly

  24. As a founder member I feel I should add my paw signature! Viva #wlf

  25. Tweeter Norris says:

    Viva the #wlf!

  26. Tulula says:

    If given a beret I will wear it with pink pride sir *paw salute*

  27. Flo says:

    I promise in the name of catnip to work tirelessly to uphold the #wlf code. I can even be seen patrolling my windowsill on googlestreetview

  28. Spook says:

    I shall work tirelessly towards my beret!

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