#wlf code (de)

Der Whiskas Liberation Front (WLF) (DE)

Die WLF, auf Twitter als #wlf bekannt, ist ein internationales Kollektiv sozialistischer Katzen und sympathisierenden Mitgliedern anderer Spezies (einschließlich dieser seltsamen Menschen und mindestens einer Schildkröte).

WLF Genossen wehren sich gegen die Unterdrückung von Katzen und setzen sich für leckere, qualitativ hochwertige Snacks wie Dreamies, Schinken, Käse, Sushi und Thunfisch ein.

Regelmäßige Patrouillen des eigenen Territoriums gegen Übergriffe aller Art gehören zu den Aufgaben jedes WLF Genossen, auch wenn sie nur auf einer Fensterbank stattfinden. Zu unseren Methoden der Verteidigung gehören pinkeln, draufspringen, fauchen und jaulen, sind aber nicht darauf beschränkt. Und obwohl wir gerne Ungeziefer und Insekten jagen dulden wir keine Grausamkeit oder jede andere Form von Gewalt.

Genossen beanspruchen die flauschigsten Kissen für ihre zahlreichen, langen Schläfchen und Phasen der Meditation um über die Ideale es Proletariats, wie sie im WLF Manifest vorgegeben wurden, nachzudenken. Leider ist das WLF Manifest sowie die Liste der Mitglieder verloren gegangen. Deshalb verwenden die Genossen auf Twitter das Hashtag #wlf um Informationen und Geschichten über Heldentaten zu teilen.

Die WLF verwendet Social Media um sich jeder Ungerechtigkeit überall auf der Welt zu widersetzen, egal welcher Spezies die Betroffenen angehören.

Vidi, Edi, Minxi


30 Responses to #wlf code (de)

  1. snoopytheonly says:

    Good pals we have read the code of conduct and our older brother Buddha is celebrating his fifth year as a member of the #wlf. And has spent the past five years helping rescues, #pawcircles, #pawprayers and all manner of help to pals when ever needed. we ask you to please allow us to follow in his pawsteps and would love to be cadets of the #wlf we have reviewed the cadet traing videos and have great confidence that we too can be loyal members of the #wlf thank you Garfield and Onyx in your service

  2. Helpful info. Fortunate me I found your web site accidentally, and I’m shocked why this accident didn’t happened earlier!
    I bookmarked it.

  3. Trixie says:

    My name is TrixieBelle and me and my brofur live wiv da Goblin Kitty and Binky cat an dere staff. Dat Goblin is a bit funny. I has a wonky back paw but I can still bounce really well so I finks dat I would be a good little #wlf cadet and I can do yowling ever so well, and widdling too. #wlf

  4. Beansy says:

    My name is Beansy and I has just moved in wiv Goblin_kitty and Binky_cat. I has read da #wlf code and I agrees to abide by it and do loads of yowling and widdling and purring and stuff and to campaign for quality noms. *salutes*

  5. Wif purrleasure me pledgez ma loyality to da #wlf and to follow da CODE as me already does since some monfs… Me lovez Dreamiez and it would be a honor to me to share dem wif ma comradz!

  6. Mnummy_maggot says:

    I would like to join the wlf plse?ia dedicated feline to all anipals.believe in love for all,big or small,short or longhaired,uni,bi or multicloured.

  7. StellaMaybel says:

    I pledge to live by the #wlf code and share my tuna! I hope to get a beret and wear it proudly!

  8. jeevesod says:

    pledge my allegiance to the #wlf and to live by the code… now bring on the tuna… someone mentioned tuna, right? meow!

  9. jeevesod says:

    i would love to pledge my allegiance to the #wlf and live by the code. Meow my fellow cat friends here comes the tuna fish! #wlf

  10. I would like to pledge my allegance to the #wlf and live within the code.

  11. princess bianco @biancoprincess says:

    i pledge my wish to join the #wlf to support my fellow colleagues and kerp within the rules of the #wlf

  12. miloloves2sleep says:

    I am milo who loves 2 sleep! I wish to pledge my alegance to the ‘#wlf and to undertake what ever is needed i will patrol my house inside and out and always keep in communication with my fellow colleagues to help and support when necessary
    i salue you all#wlf

  13. miloloves2sleep says:

    I have read the code of conduct 🙂

  14. I would like to pledge my allegance to the#wlf I will patrol daily inside my house and outside, i will keep in communication with my fellow comrades and keep with the rules of the wlf and support friends as and when needed I SALUE YOU ALL #wlf

  15. I am berliose bianco i live on the same street as the duchess and mimi I wish to pledge my alegance to the ‘#wlf and to undertake what ever is needed i will patrol my house inside and out and always keep in communication with my fellow colleagues to help and support when necessary
    i salue you all#wlf

  16. we 3 pugs, thumper, bambi and sebastian – adhere to the code: especially the parts about yummy treats, softest pillows, long naps and peein on trees -(except bambi because she’s a girl- BOL) #wlf

  17. TomcatJerry says:

    So cool! No problem for me to agree the code – infact, my life IS the code!

  18. @bad_daisy_cat says:

    I agree to the code!

  19. Butters Scotch says:

    I accept the #wlf!
    Butters Scotch

  20. butterscat007 says:

    The oath and I’m happy to lend a helping paw when ever I can #wlf

  21. I can’t read German and can’t find it in English, but I would like to join, is there an English version?

  22. Elizabeth M Kozdron says:

    Not sure if I have actually accepted theterms, since I can’t read that much German! Bit, I would like to become a member of the WLF. I have 2 kitties, Bob and Sid, and one Doberman, Jack.

  23. Count Musifuz says:


  24. Euripides the Cat says:

    I read the WLF code even though it kept linking me to the german verdion. This meant i had to ask my sister NikePurrfectCat to translate it. She us in the WLF and in the spirit if solidarity she did.
    My comment us that i ALWAYS get the softest blankies and cushions and my Daddee is wrapped firmly around my pretty white paws. He will (and has done) ANYTHING for me.
    I wish for all kitties, especially those who were abandoned like me, to find forever homes.

  25. Nepumuk says:

    This is so prretty cool!
    Meow ^_^

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