2012 #moglympics

25 July – 12 August 2012

(DRAFT for #catmittee) Thank you to @SpangleWundacat for compiling from #wlf timeline.

2012 #moglympics event list

  • The vault, jumping over stuff
  • Pouncing
  • Shotpuss
  • Catnastics/Gymcatnics : forward rolls into paper bags, chasing ribbons.
  • Widdling & pooing (scored on artistic interpretation, technical ability & hitting the target)
  • Moggython
  • Running amok 100m, 400m, 200m hurdle
  • Paper bag jump & skid measured on longest skid
  • Doing the opposite of what you are told
  • Lying down the best
  • Musical statues
  • Hiding
  • Roaring
  • Caterwauling, synchronised yowling
  • Toying with imaginary stuff
  • Paddy paw dressage
  • Napping, napping relay
  • Competitive cheese Dreamies eating
  • Grass chomping
  • Pie eating
  • Mousing
  • Artistic barfing, projectile fur ball barfing
  • Staring at frozen prawns
  • Tin foil paw ball
  • Ping pong swiping
  • Pigeon rodeo
  • Balancing
  • Fence climbing
  • Tree climbing
  • Curtain scaling (by weight class: kitten weight, cat weight, fattyweight)
  • Widdling up a curtain
  • Curtain pole vaulting
  • Radiator meditation (non-competitive display event)


  • Mandatory random nip tests for all  cathletes
  • TeamWLF cat suits, swimming duds & swimming caps must be worn
  • Kitty snacks will be available 24/7 in the #moglympic village

31 Responses to 2012 #moglympics

  1. Shotpuss!! I thought it was called “Hamster Punch.” But ooh, I must enter the shotpuss!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5u-lXejoBg

  2. I would like to compete. I have been training for this most of my life. How do I enter?

  3. Katie Isabella says:

    Napping seems good…

  4. Tuxi says:

    Hi! I’d like to participate in Projectile Fur Ball Barfing. That’s my specialty at my house! Any extra honors if I expectorate and *plop* right in Mom’s shoe? Or in a freshly filled bowl of dry food? Tuxi

  5. I wouldn’t mind doing all of the above but the Napping,napping relay sound like the best one for me. 🙂 >^..^<

  6. ZobyDoby1 says:

    I woul like to compete in either Musical Statues or Doing The Oposite Of What You Are Told

  7. patchdacat says:

    I would like to be considered for the napping relay.

  8. bambibrooke says:

    Tilly- I would like to take part in Radiator meditation event. Thankyou

  9. The_Tardis_Toms says:

    Benny: I would like to enter staring at frozen prawns (can I eat when defrosted ?) Fancy I would like to enter napping contest; I’m really good at tha ……ZzzZzzzZzzzzzz

  10. Eris Parker says:

    This is actual genius! I’m soooo jealous i didn’t think of it first. Radiator meditation is almost my full-time job.

  11. I’m keen to enter the vault and curtain scaling. My best ability is fetch but not listed

  12. The CatNipKing says:

    I would love to enter but not sure I’d pass the Nip Test

  13. Sky says:

    I’d like to go for pouncing and napping relay please #wlf

  14. I would like to go for fence climbing, shame hurdling the back garden fences isnt an event

  15. Has to be ping pong swiping for me. And digging if there is an event MOL

  16. Daisy Boo says:

    I Daisy Boo would like to be entered into the Pigeon Rodeo event and tree climbing (Heavy Weight)
    Signed with my paw Daisy

  17. spookyshorty says:

    i see napping & lying down the best my 2 favorite things….Hmmmm prawn watching, I can stare at bugs for hours that may count?

  18. spookyshorty says:

    MOL this sounds like fun i have to see what i might be good at eating contest? not listed, sleeping contest? not listed? *Yells* MOM what am I good at so I can join the #Moglympics. We will look over the lists I’ll be there Thank you

  19. Cooperscats says:

    Henry would like to enter for Paper bag jump & skid measured on longest skid,
    Lily would like to enter for Paddy Paw Dressage (she can paddy all 4 at once…).

  20. Rosso seeks training buddy for Mousing event. Must have experience in advanced tactics, i.e. hiding the mouse under the paw if hooman try to interfere.

  21. Put me down for mousing purlease. My personal best is 3 in one hour … tadah!

    PS Is it ok to eat the micies?

  22. Can I try out for napping relay please

  23. Could we add radiator meditation for the more elderly among us?

  24. I am very good at pong pong swiping. I could also enter the Caterwauling.

  25. Louieboy2 says:

    I finks I will be in wif good chance of qualifying in Mousing and Pigeon Rodeo- I practises both of them every day. Is there dates for the trials yet? #wlf

  26. Morris (@morriscat) says:

    I think I’m in with a good chance for the Competitive cheese Dreamies eating – been training for months!

  27. Hehehe Mr Ray I’ll be ok -Thanks for thinking of me. In the event of them attempting to eat me in the Pie Eating, I’d prolly win the ‘Caterwauling and Synchronised Yeowlling’!

  28. I think this is wonderful except for “Pie Eating Contest”! I don’t want my pal and comrade @Mr_Pie to be eaten!!! Say it’s not true! =;-) Hugzzzzzzzzzzzz to all! …

  29. YetidaYeti says:

    Ooh, shotpuss and roaring for me…

  30. Goblin_kitty says:

    I am going to try out for da curtain scaling (cat weight), jumping over stuff and pouncing and da Dreamies eating!

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