#wlf conduct

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101 Responses to #wlf conduct

  1. I @sisfurcats Ragamuffin do solemnly swear to uphold da #wlf code I a pawsum huntress and I climb fences like a ninja. . I not guarantees I being a good girl.

  2. @MOUSEandKITTY says:

    We Mouse and Kitty pwomise an agwee to the #WLF code an we pwomise to expect tweats eferwytime we come in even if we only jus come back in stwaight fwom going out we pwomise to luff an care for our hoomans an not to mind our mum giffin skinny bully cat our food an tweats.

  3. @MOUSEandKITTY says:

    We Mouse and Kitty pwomise to uphold the #wlf code.
    We pwomise to expect tweats eferwytime we come in even though we jus gone out, we pwomise to luff our mummy an we pwomise to not mind dat she feeds scarwy skinny bully cat our food an tweats.

  4. I, Billy the Cat Purrr-mise to whine for fish flakes in the morning, at noon and at night times but will need the flakes purrr-chased from ze shelter to help homeless pals. I purrr-mise to purrr-troll for furmine, to fetch my paper towel ball, purr-fect my stubby tail shke and always luv me Shady lady…oh and to play the artists formely known as Prints everyday. – (paw print) Billy #WLF @myhillbillycat

  5. Misha @MishaMischief says:

    Misha @ MishaMischief :- I swear to uphold the #WLF code and try to be a good girl

  6. Squirt @SquirtTheCat says:

    I, Squirt of Aberdeenshire, Somali cat, warrior and teacher, do swear, promise and avow to abide by and uphold the #wlf code and rules of conduct. If accepted into the ranks I further promise to promote #wlf and its mission and principles through my column, Squirt’s Scribblings, at TheDailyMews.com

  7. Boo says:

    me dus agwee to follow da code of conduct #wlf me @Sir_Boo_

  8. Mr Smudge says:

    Mr Smudge @HRCMrSmudge – I swear to uphold the code and promote it to all other furiends.

  9. Hia, mi account of tweeter is @starbucksthecat and I waz wonderen how I could be apart of this. ๐Ÿ˜บ I promis to serve this code of conduct 24\7, even in mi kitty naps. Thanks yas.

  10. Kat says:

    Pawmise to be a good kitty :-d mommy said I can use her account @sanelhop …signed, Kat

  11. Katie Isabella says:

    Welcome Comrade.

  12. meow-i iz Rusty(my staff mom has my twitter acct, @CherylAlexande1 ) *raises right paw* me do certainly swear to abide by,and indeed cherish,this code of conduct to the best of my feline ability and to respect all anipals and their staff always and forever.thank you for your time and consideration——————Rusty

  13. hi-Rusty again(CherylAlexande1) is it alright for my hooman,who tweets for me, to use #wlf in tweets or to wait to be accepted first(i hope,hope,hope to be accepted)

  14. meow there! my name is Rusty. my hooman has my twitter acct.(@CherylAlexander1) i would like the honor of joining the #wlf.(nervously raises right paw) “i,Rusty ,being of sound mind(?) do pledge to obey all rules of the #wlf to the best of my feline ability. i also pledge to respect and honor all fellow comrades and their staff. please consider me as worthy to join your most noble cause-thank you for your time.”

  15. I, Hazel, pledge to uphold the mission of #wlf worldwide and cherish and honor my comrades.

  16. Louise says:

    I do hereby swear to uphold the #wlf code and promote excellence. On receipt of the honourable beret i promise to uphold the values and standards of the #wlf. I tweet as @lace675468. Long live #wlf comrades!

  17. Michelle Pearl says:

    I agree to follow the code. My twitter name is pearl_mish6886. Thank you

  18. Hi! I promise to live up to the Code of Conduct of the wlf and will be proud to wear a beret to show I am a member of this hallowed group. My housemate Tuxi conducts patrols on the 1st floor of our house, while I will patrol from the 2nd floor. Nothing will escape myself and my distinguised Comrade during our rounds! PS: I love Whiskas too! Viva WLF! Tripod

  19. @Mr_Pilchard says:

    I @Mr_Pilchard do solemly swear that if chosen to join the #WLF I will abide by and uphold the excellent #WLF Code of Conduct and do my very best to be a credit to the mighty #WLF. #VIVA and #SOLIDARITY with all anipals efurrywhere!

    • @Mr_Pilchard says:

      Whoops this pooter stuff is new to me. I did mean solemnly not solemly. I haz signed the Code of Conduct and hope the #WLF will accept me as a new Comrade. #VIVA the mighty #WLF!

  20. Angus says:

    I, Silversheen Aloysha Sevastyan aka @AngusFromAfrica, pledge my alliance to the #wlf. I promise to uphold the WLF’s reputation and integrity and to always act in a manner that would bring honour and dignity to the WLF. #wlf

  21. @jasbkny says:

    Me likes ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. ann collin@catofduty3 says:

    We Boo , Scooter, and our rescued friend mr. Jellybean will hearby up hold and abide by the wlf code of conduct. Will treat all comrades with purrrfect respect and feline honor. Protecting each others from harm and always help or furry friends in need. Forever #wlf

  23. I Fredlet promise to abide by da #wlf code Even if cats try and eat me

  24. I am Jackson I wish to join the #wlf and uphold the code of the WLF i already have the best beds in the house and feel suitable to join I salaute you all

  25. ann collin@catofduty3 says:

    I have said the pledge of the wlf, and agree to abide by all standards put forth by the wlf. Ann ferraro@catofduty3

  26. I pledge my allegance to the #wlf I promie to live within the codes and parameters of the #wlf and promise to regular patrols for the WLF and keep in constant touch with comrades I SALUTE YOU #wlf

  27. ann collin@catofduty3 says:

    Myself, and the boys scooter, boo hemingway, and mr.Mr. j bean, agree to up hold and honor and respect the oath of the #wlf forever we live.

  28. ann collin@catofduty3 says:

    I would like to be a part of the #wlf, I might have found my calling. Thanks, really excited to know more.

  29. Felix and Jasper says:

    @Fe_Jas We have read the code and fully agree with all tha #wlf states and stands for. We are two brothers, Felix and Jasper and have been out on patrol every day. We look forward to hearing from you and cannot wait to join the #fwlf

  30. Maisy and Martha says:

    Well said. We, @MeowMonsters, swear to uphold the code of conduct ^,,^

  31. I @EarlHarrisPhoto have read and do hereby agree to abide and uphold the code of conduct set forth by the #wlf with the same gusto I demonstrated when I fought for the adoption of fresh catnip mandates.

  32. I @Leoblue31 have read and do hereby agree to abide by the code of conduct set forth by the #wlf!

  33. Eldrid, may I post that I am a member of the #wlf on my twitter page?

  34. Brilliant! I agree to all… Meow

  35. @EdnasPanky

    I,Panky, will uphold the #wlf code of conduct as best as I can. #wlf

  36. Meow, I promise to honor and uphold the code of conduct. Pure-hearted kitty. #wlf

  37. Aye aye, Comwad, Sir! *salutes* #WLF

  38. @bad_daisy_cat says:

    Ooh, I will follow these rules #wlf

  39. I have been livin da WLF code fur my entire life and I vows ta continue. Its ma honor ta pledge & I hopes ta one day earn my beret. Big Paw Hugs and Luv!!

  40. I promise to uphold all of the codes and be loyal to the #wlf

  41. I will uphold the codes of the #wlf

  42. Tiger Cat Neely says:

    I agree to all of these codes of conduct as a new member of the #WLF! @TigerCatNeely

  43. i am raising my paw in promise

  44. I promise to follow the code of conduct, but I cannot promise not to pick on my siblings. Sorry. At least I’m honest about it…

  45. @Samthewatcher does solemly purr her aligence to #wlf and the anapals for which it stands. Let’s play ball!

  46. I would be honoured to become a member of the #wlf if you will accept me.

  47. Alice Thumbcat says:

    I’d love to be part of the wlf. I have filled u on twitter.
    Looking forward to your tweets

    Thumbs up x

  48. PS, If I earn a beret, I really like the color red. Giggles and paw waves

  49. Awesome ~ it is an honor and a privilege to be a member of an organization of such esteemed followers. Alone it is difficult to instill change, however together the impossible is truly possible! I love being an advocate of change and making a positive difference for all. Hats are not my thing, as I am more a scholarly type of cat, however I will respect and support all who do! Professor TJ

  50. Katie Isabella says:

    I and AdmiralHestorb always try to be loving and kind.

  51. I agree. I always do my best to be nice.

  52. Myrtle says:

    I’d love to be a member of WLF! I fink dis is a wonderful thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Count Musifuz says:

    I love the code! I’m ALL about fighting injustice, friends, helping and being silly- just read my tweets! I have references if necessary! Cheers!

  54. mia says:

    Well said I totally agree

  55. We promise to be good kiabbits! scouts honor even though we were never scouts, but the human likes the cookies does that count?

  56. Karen Seale says:

    I agree to abide by the principals of the #wlf, and protect and support all of it’s anipal members! I, Handsome Travis do solemnly swear to uphold all codes of the #WLF. Thank you for your consideration! #wlf for life!

  57. Louieboy2 says:

    I agree to abide by and willingly embrace all #wlf principles.

  58. Tulula says:

    This code is a refection of everything I stand for in life & would be honoured to wear a beret *paw salute*

  59. Katie Isabella says:

    For me, yes I agree.

  60. Great code of conduct! I shall happily abide!

  61. Katie Isabella says:

    I will do that with honor and dilligence.


  62. Honorable ethics Elride!

    I RossoFPCatling (aka golden pawz) pledge my support and allegiance to the cause.

    Count me in Comrades!

  63. Kes sez: Hab yoo seen mai tweets bowt teh wuns hoo follow mii adn hab nawty wurds in dere websites? Ai block ebery wun ob dem. Cuz dey use langwidge no kittin shud sae or lern.

  64. I Barnabas Collins promise to be nice to all my friends and respect #wlf code of conduct. Signed Barnabas Collins (@BarnabasKitten) Meow!

  65. I, Mr Cheese (@mrcheeselibrary) do solemnly swear to uphold all codes of the #WLF. I swear to protect and support all my comrades and in the name of #WLF I will oppose injustice wherever it occurs.I love all anipals, be there furry, shelled or feathered…or finned. Oui!!….

  66. Kendall Katz says:

    I do solemnly affirm to uphold the Code of the #WLF; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of membership in #WLF on which I am about to enter. So help me Cat.

  67. BonkMeeosh says:

    We purrrpetually promise to uphold the code as outlined above. Meeosh & Big Bonk x x x c

  68. Millie says:

    I agree to follow the code of conduct. #wlf

  69. Zoe and me (Rexie) is in too! Viva #wlf We pawmise to be good~

  70. @JemJellyBelly says:

    I pledge to support the ideals of #wlf from the tip of my nose to the end of my long black tail; to stand behind my #wlf comrades in their times of need; to send my support to all seven continents when needed; to raise the paw in support of both heroic #wlf deeds and siginicant #wlf accomplishments; and to uphold the #wlf ideals of respect, justice and fairness.

  71. clingycat says:

    I do hereby pledge to conduct meowself in a manner befurring of the #WLF.
    I swear to protect and support all comrades faithfurry.
    In the name of #WLF I will oppaws injustice wherever it occurs.
    I love my anipals, be there furry, shelled or feathered. ๐Ÿฑ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿน๐Ÿบ๐Ÿป๐Ÿฆ

  72. I’m keen on joining, but I hope not eating Whiskas doesn’t count against me!

  73. Gizemo cat & Emo cat says:

    Weez pleased to join

  74. Herman says:

    I promise to respect my brudder, Barney, even when he makes me scream with frustration when he picks on me.

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  76. msjonc says:

    I applaud the sentiments contained in this document and hope to be a worthy member.

  77. Thank you Eldred. I was unaware of bullying going on but I sensed there was some sort of upset. I will try to live up to the standards. #wlf

  78. Well I’m in..
    Pity them humans don’t follow this code!

  79. i wud like 2be Eldwid Ephalant’s fweind an do all good stuff&be a good kit 4da world.prrrr prroud yep

  80. Fiona Christie (555Smokey) says:

    Well said. #wlf

  81. Well said & well done Comrade, some of the nastiness is on of the reasons I have only been widdling and yowling recently is cuz the staff don’t need it after a long dirty day.

  82. Excellent! All should abide by these sentiments… #wlf viva!

  83. suze @lennys_staff says:

    Excellent guidance: adhered 2 by the majority, sometimes spoilt by a small minority.

  84. laura Woolfson says:

    Hear hear – to all those who have come to make trouble, be nasty, predjudiced, cast doubt and question the integrity of wlf comrades GET LOST – WE DON’T WANT YOU!!!

  85. Well said. Its about friendship and respect

  86. VC says:

    I agree with this wholeheartedly I must admit ive been shocked to hear about bullying & horrid messages of late. I joined to make new friends & have a laugh not to bully & upset people @cat_MarsEchelon

  87. William Radar Ears @SetiCats says:

    Well said Eldrid

  88. Sponteneity says:

    This seems to be common*scents* for all posters!I applaud the creator of this brother/sisterhood.I would love to join.

  89. mariodacat says:

    Well, said pal and we all need to abide by this.

  90. NikePurrfectcat says:

    Well said you, Eldred. Dignity and zero tolerance for abuse. Applause!!!

  91. Ifinekitty says:

    Well said Comrade!

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