#wlf marching songs 4 (for @TourettesTabby and Daisy)

Staff are only good for a food bowl,
Nap nap nap then go on patrol,
In the garden sleep in a sunny hole,
Then get more food is our goal.

Courtesy @patlockley especially for @TourettesTabby in light of her drawing attention to this terrible story of cruelty to Daisy cat.


#wlf marching songs 3

Whiskas whiskas liberation,
Cats cats feline nation,
Hisshiss tailthump,
Widdle widdle poop trump,
Hats of all colours,
#wlf help each other

Courtesy @patlockley

#wlf marching songs 2

#WLF are we,
Widdle on Gadaf-af-fi,
WLF y’see,
Hiss until Lennox is free,
WLF & hats,
So-so-socialist cats,
WLF is proud,
Meow meow outloud

Another gift from @patlockley

#wlf marching songs

We came and fought,
Our enemies now taught,
Together we march,
Our backs set to arch,
Our comrades and friends,
We always defend,
We are #wlf

A gift to the cats in hats from @patlockley

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