#catference 3

#catference 3 is coming together. The next #catference will coincide with CrispMouse. #catference and the #wlf CrispMouse party will begin at 1300GMT on 21 December 2011. It will follow the usual loosely defined drop in and out format throughout the rest of the day.

Agenda so far:

  • Opening song
  • @FeralTom and @ArwenandSmokey running a workshop on barfing methodologies.
  • @BigWidu leading a discussion on strategies to prevent staff from taking holidays.
  • How to get the most out of collapsed boxes with @Geordieboy6.
  • A talk with @TigLaMig from beyond the grave on garden animal herding.
  • A meet up in real life for staff: discussion led by @Jazzmancat.
  • A demonstration of scratchy post use and paper shredding from @goblin_kitty.
  • Advanced box occupation: a slideshow by @greeboblackcat.
  • Working group to devise a full job description for staff. Proposed by @rowleywaycat and @BigWidu. A draft for comment has been provided.
  • @Tarmac_the_cat will talk about inappropriate widdling.
  • The #catference will end with a Strictly Cat Dancing session as suggested by @seticats, @The_Tardis_Toms, @Frankencat1
  • #wlf anthem
  • Mass yowl – topic tbc

The #wlf CrispMouse Party will follow on from #catference and will be held at The Cat & Trumpet, starting with a rousing rendition of Don’t You (Forget About Noms)!

If you have more suggestions, please leave comments here, or use the #catference hashtag on Twitter.

Information about previous catferences can be found at #catference 1 and #catference 2.


4 Responses to #catference 3

  1. Katie Isabella says:

    My momma was absent and I could not get help to attend but all of these Topics are dear to me and I have mastered all but a few. Inappropriate widdling is not one I have attempted…yet.

    Love and snuggles

  2. jo clancy says:

    I been doing my best box shredding this week, and I’m very good at it. Most of all I like shredding the colored paper that my staff wrap their crispmouse presents in….. they get a bit upset about this but naturally I don’t let that spoil my fun. No dreamies in any of the parcels so far…..
    Happy crispmouse to all my anipals and their humums xx

  3. The_Tardis_Toms says:

    We are doing the Cha Cha Cha (suggestions for music gratefully accepted) for the Strictly Cat Dancing session, followed by a quick Paw Step around the floor as a *taster* for any interested mogsters. Sequins mandatory, as is the ability to shout SEVEN!

  4. Goblin_kitty says:

    After my display of scrathing and shredding I coul take any younger cadets (age 2 and under) off for some ninja workshops, advanced shredding techniques and a frank chat about the issues arising from living with the senior cat.

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