#widdlewednesday 9pm (GMT) #widdleonworkfare #widdleonWarsi

Here’s why:



You might want to #widdleonHunt too as it’s arguable he should also be answering to parliament over his BSkyB conduct.

9pm tonight (GMT). Other timezones here.


#wlf #widdlewednesday #widdleonrushlimbaugh 9pm GMT

Here’s an example of why. And another one here. *sniggers*

Other timezones here.

#widdlewednesday 9pm GMT 29 February 2012 #widdleonworkfare #widdleonGrayling #widdleonIDS #wlf more details

Here’s why: www.boycottworkfare.org/
And: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Workfare#Workfare_in_the_United_Kingdom
And interestingly: epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/29356

Plus MP Chris Grayling has not endeared himself: The SWP responded to his ‘smear’ on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme (probably the most publicity the SWP has had in a very long time). The transcript is here.

NB some documents see to have been taken down from the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) website which would suggest that Grayling and Iain Duncan Smith (IDS)  lied about workfare obligations.

#widdlewednesday #wlf #widdleonworkfare #widdleonGrayling #widdleonIDS 9pm GMT 29 February 2012

Other timezones here.

#widdlewednesday 9pm GMT #wlf more details

More than one nomination for #widdlewednesday again. Usual time 9pm GMT. Other timezones here.

Take your pick from:

  1. #widdleonmurdoch #widdleonnewscorp : as News International hits the headlines again see more here.
  2. #widdleonkimkardashian #widdleonfurhags : fur wearers in the news again.
  3. #widdleonthehealthadnsocialcarebill #widdleondh #widdleonlansley

Details of this week’s #widdlewednesday #wlf

Dearest comrades, the targets for our weekly protest widdles proliferate by the week!

We have had several suggestions again for today’s action. I would urge all comrades to drink a lot of water and choose carefully. Usual time 9pm GMT. Other timezones here.

  1. #widdleonDWP (UK Department for Work and Pensions) Here’s why.
  2. #widdleonassad #widdleonchina #widdleonrussia Here’s why.
  3. #widdleonfurfarms
  4. #widdleonRomney

I do wonder if our double and triple widdlewednesdays are watering down the impact, but the suggestions just keep coming.

Several #widdlewednesday targets this week for protest #wlf Read more…

Comrades of the #wlf

This week I have collected several excellent suggestions for protest targets for our weekly #widdlewednesday

  1. #widdleonfredgoodwin – this UK banker has been stripped of his knighthood awarded for ‘services to banking’. You can read more here.
  2. #widdleonbankersbonuses – I don’t think I need explain why in this case.
  3. #widdleongarlic – however having researched the effects of garlic on anipals I can’t really recommend this as a protest target, as there seems to be conflicting evidence on how bad/good garlic is, and if it is bad, it seems it would take a very great deal to cause symptoms.
  4. and another #widdleonmichaelgove See last week’s post for the ongoing why.

Choose your target carefully and if you have enough widdle, try spreading it between 1,2 and 4. I’m off to drink a bucket of water or three. *raises trunk*

#widdlewednesday 9pm GMT #wlf #widdleonmichaelgove #govemustgo more details

Here’s is why: Michael Rosen’s blog, Alex Gingell’s posterous.

Non UK comrades may be wondering who Michael Gove is. He is Secretary of State for Education in the UK government. He has an official website. Here is a wikipedia page about him. If you use Google news to search for him, you’ll get an array of recent news stories and gaffs to make you wish your bladder was bigger, I’m sure. Here is The Guardian page bringing their Gove content together as an example.

#widdlewednesday 9pm GMT #wlf #widdleonmichaelgove #govemustgo

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