Comrades have created a healing bank where you can make deposits of healing purrs/aroos/thoughts, which other ill or injured comrades can acees when they need them.

Here is an example of how to make a deposit:

wlfhealingbank deposit.

How to make a #wlfhealingbank deposit.


3 Responses to #wlfhealingbank

  1. Squirt @SquirtTheCat says:

    Brilliant idea! Heading over to Twitter to make a deposit now………..feel free to use it Comrades x

  2. Hi @tuxi, I hope these #wlfHealingPurrs help your humom’s father recover quickly.

  3. Tuxi says:

    My huMom Joan’s father has received #wlfHealingPurrs during his time in the hospital with severe Pancreatitis. I am happy to say he has been removed from Critical Care/Intensive Care to a department called Telemetry where he is still electronically monitored (heart, BP, pulse, respiration) but in stable condition and improving! We believe very much in the power of #wlfHealingPurrs and #wlfPawcircle! Viva wlf! Tuxi @Tuxicat10

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