3 years ago #wlf was founded

Three years ago today the #wlf was founded as a socialist feline faction. We thank those brave few who were our founders. Respect to all #wlf comrades. It is a useful time to remind ourselves of our founding principles: the #wlf is and continues to be a an international collective of socialist cats and sympathetic members of other species (including the odd human and at least one tortoise).

Our principles are embodies in the #wlf code.

VIVA! Happy #wlffoundersday


About Eldrid
I help cats remember things.

6 Responses to 3 years ago #wlf was founded

  1. WE are Juniper and Muffin @JMuffinRaggy on twitter. We would love to be #wlf members and agree to abide by the code of conduct.

  2. Oh dear. Missed an important date while on my travels. Happy Founders Day to all da founders of #wlf & all its many members.

  3. Alison Panda says:

    Well done #wlf. I am proud to be a member. @RayBlidCat

  4. wallstlady says:


    It is an honor to be a#wlf member.
    Thank you for creating such a wonderful organization.

    I wish I had a hat. My picture was lost when Ma’s BlackBerry got wet.

    GhostBelly Luke
    Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

  5. Katie Isabella says:

    Concatulations to all of us who are members. I am just as proud to be #wlf as I was in the beginning of my membership.

  6. If that’s the tortoise I’m thinking of make it two tortoises, at least through the medium of spokeshuman me… Toddles is definitely for extreme socialist values, he’s willing to share anything anyone else owns if it’s green and crunchable.

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