Help us plan a #wlfstaffmeetup #wlf

From @Jazzmancat:

Maybe some comrades remember our last #catference when I introduced the idea of persuading our staff to meet in real life. My german pals and me organized a very successful staff meet up on Pentecost last year and so we decided to repeat it. If you speak german you can read about our efforts here, (sorry, too lazy to translate but I’m pretty sure it’ll lots of fun again).

What is successful in Germany might work somewhere else as well, so why shouldn’t one export this great idea to the UK? It won’t be possible without your participation, but with our collective #wlf swarm intelligence I’m sure we’ll meet this challenge with ease.

At first we need to know who’s interested in a #wlfstaffmeetup, if you are leave a comment below or send a DM to me (@JazzmanCat). Next we’ll have to pick a date and an appropriate location. To agree on a date is a minor problem for us comrades, the hardest
part is to find a location that suits as many participants as possible. Some of you might have noticed that I don’t live in the UK though I’m a ‘Devon’ Rex, but that’s exactly why I need your help. My dadstaff has never visited the UK before and I haven’t a clue where it’s best to meet but I’m
purrretty sure we can organize the largest #wlfstaffmeetup to happen in the UK so far.

Salutes, @JazzmanCat


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14 Responses to Help us plan a #wlfstaffmeetup #wlf

  1. So what about Midlands, that’s Birmingham isn’t it?

  2. SukielovesKatz says:

    I am interested, depending where it might be. Perhaps you can keep us posted about this. Thank you.

  3. Yes I would be very interested and agree a Midlands venue would probably be best! *salutes8

  4. @555SMOKEY: That’s no problem. Showing interest doesn’t mean you’re committed. Once we know how many people would like to participate we’ll try to find a location that suits as many as possible. If the location doesn’t suit you this time then maybe next time.

  5. It is a very nice idea but would depend on where the meeting was before I could commit.

  6. Mr Tibbs says:

    My staff would be interested in this idea but are limited as to how far they are able to travel.

  7. Wendy Ansell says:

    Yes count me in if I in the UK at the time

  8. @FreddyVanCat: Let’s see how many comrades are interested, then we can discuss where it’s best to meet.

  9. I think it’s a lovely idea and I’m so sorry to have to opt out because of my various mobility issues and panic issues, but I’ll love to see a report of how it went, and I truly hope that this can come about. My thoughts will be with all my UK anipals even if my body is a little harder to shift.

  10. Katie Isabella says:

    Oh how WONDERFUL! I would LOVE to meet up if only I lived there in the UK. My mommy and I have so many furriends who are #WLF and to meet them in purrson..that would be heavenly.

    Enjoy all of you who are able and take pictures for the rest of us kitties?


  11. FreddyVanCat says:

    I’d be interested, and perhaps a Midlands venue would be best?

  12. Nice idea – will ponder whilst napping Σ:-)

  13. Sue Rahman says:

    Sounds good to me ! Look forward to meeting other staff !

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