#widdlewednesday 9pm GMT #wlf #widdleonmichaelgove #govemustgo more details

Here’s is why: Michael Rosen’s blog, Alex Gingell’s posterous.

Non UK comrades may be wondering who Michael Gove is. He is Secretary of State for Education in the UK government. He has an official website. Here is a wikipedia page about him. If you use Google news to search for him, you’ll get an array of recent news stories and gaffs to make you wish your bladder was bigger, I’m sure. Here is The Guardian page bringing their Gove content together as an example.

#widdlewednesday 9pm GMT #wlf #widdleonmichaelgove #govemustgo


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3 Responses to #widdlewednesday 9pm GMT #wlf #widdleonmichaelgove #govemustgo more details

  1. Louieboy2 says:

    #govemustgo !

  2. IS there enough urine in the world?

  3. Katie Isabella says:

    Fanks you for the explanation, Eldrid. xoxox

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