#wlf #relayrace 20 November, 6pm GMT more details…

There is a #wlf #relayrace scheduled for 6pm GMT on 20 November 2011.

The winners were: #teamlance ! Well done!

The other 5 teams were in a dead heat for runner up places.

Concatulations to all organisers and competitors!

The race was arranged by @Mr_Pie and @JazzmanCat, based on an idea from Peachy.

Race catering was provided by @FrufruB.

Commentator: @villaninireland (@Ms_Pud is stand in if required)

Referee: @MrTibbsatAP

wlfrosetteEvery competitor got a rosette and a cupcake for taking part. Thanks to @Mr_Pie and @FrufruB for their generous donations.

How it worked

  1. 6 teams maximum
  2. No magic tricks or DRS systems are allowed
  3. Each team consists of 4 runners + up to 2 reserves and a cheerleader. Starting order can be changed until 5pm GMT on the day of the race
  4. There are 4 runners, 1st one sets off & passes a baton to the 2nd runner (who is waiting on the track), 2nd runner runs & passes baton to 3rd runner who runs with baton to the last runner
  1. Commentator @villaninireland will state CHANGE when baton exchanges are to take place
  2. To decide the winning team, the ref has chosen a secret word, which only he knows. The last 4 runners on the athletics track must try to guess this secret word. Hint: it will be race-related, e.g. ‘track’, ‘fast’, ‘won’ ‘trophy’ etc. The 1st to tweet the secret word wins. If the last 4 runners don’t manage to guess the word, other members of their team may also guess.The anipal tweeting the secret word wins the #wlf #relayrace for their team (speed/effort will also be taken into consideration)
  3. The Ref’s decision is final. No discussion will be entered into
  4. Rosettes will be awarded after the #relayrace is complete


More support for all teams is welcome.

The teams so far are:

#teamlance (redteam)

  1. @Goblin_kitty
  2. @tiddlesfry
  3. @JazzmanCat (Captain)
  4. @LanceDaCat
  5. @RumpyDog (reserve)


  1. @HoneyCatSays
  2. @lennys_staff
  3. @teatimeforme777 (Deany)
  4. @Mr_Pie (Captain)
  5. @deaf_lottie (reserve)
  6. @muser_sara (cheerleader)


  1. @I_Libby_The_Cat (Captain)
  2. @BlingBlingPooch
  3. @ttsnoopy
  4. @RoeCats4
  5. @chelleloulou (reserve)
  6. @IAmSmittyKitty (cheerleader)


  1. @Not_Interesting
  2. @JeffMusk
  3. @kokotheturtle
  4. @Flo_Tortoise
  5. @HeyToe (reserve)
  6. @frankxupp (reserve)


  1. @Geordieboy6
  2. @FeralTom
  3. @AlfietheBoyCat
  4. @fleetwoodchick
  5. Louie Kitten via @Geordieboy6 (reserve)
  6. Poppy Kitten via @Geordieboy6 (cheerleader)

#teamgecko – Gex’s Midnight Runners

  1. @Thetweetingecko
  2. @maggie68D
  3. @SquirtGG
  4. @AngusMrBulldog

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I help cats remember things.

6 Responses to #wlf #relayrace 20 November, 6pm GMT more details…

  1. Thank you all for taking part in our very first #wlf #relayrace and making it a such a success. We hope you all enjoyed taking part and I purrsonally re-read the majority of the tweets this morning.
    @Flo_Tortoise had some hilarious tweets throughout as did @Geordieboy6 and @Fleetwoodchick!
    Many thanks to @eldridelephant for promptly posting all updates and timezone information which helped enorMOUSEly.
    Thanks to:
    @JazzmanCat for organising
    @Villaninireland for starting, commentating and prompting the baton changes
    @NutmegTorby who kept everyone on track.
    @Big_Widu for prizegiving
    @FrufruB for catering
    @MrTibbsatAP for refereeing
    I’d welcome your suggestions for improvements as I know it got a bit chaotic. Love Pie

  2. Who would like me as a cheerleader?

  3. Blimey! That’s complex! Who’s the ref?

  4. I love you all so much, I think I will have to cheer for everyone.

  5. @JazzmanCat says:

    @RumpyDog wants to join #teamlance

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