Details of #widdlewednesday on 21 Sept #wlf

Look how the Opening song page looks in Germany:

There is more information over at wikipedia:

Music videos for major label artists on YouTube have been unavailable in Germany since the end of March 2009 as GEMA sought to raise its fee charged to Youtube to 12euro cents per streamed video. This would mean monthly payments to GEMA of nearly 700,000 US dollars, a fee a Youtube spokesman described as “prohibitive.”The issue is set to be taken up by a California court.

Join us at 9pm BST (4pm EST) to #widdleonGEMA #hissatcensorship #wlf and show #solidarity with our German members.


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3 Responses to Details of #widdlewednesday on 21 Sept #wlf

  1. Yes, GEMA is a pain in the ass but sorry, I won´t participate in any widdles (or yowls etc) because i don´t want to annoy my german-cats timeline. Beside that and to be honest, I think GEMA is rather a local occurence in the greater shape of things and I can´t see it´s linked to #wlf.

    Here come some options (ger/en) to avoid GEMA device


    Proxy einrichten:
    Einfach in den Browsereinstellungen oder den Internetoptionen (/Verbindungen/LAN-Einstellungen/Proxyserver) einen HTTP-Proxy eingeben.


    Weitere Infos:

  2. Arrrrgh Eldrid, you’re the best of all! You should try to get an eyepatch.

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