#widdlewednesday 24 August #wlf #widdleongaddafi 9pm BST (4pm EST)

We don’t like dictators at the #wlf. We like freedom from oppressive regimes. Our regular #widdlewednesday has some impressive achievements – the day after we widdled on Mubarak, he was deposed.

Tomorrow, we plan to #widdleongaddafi, and fill up his hideyhole with evil smelling piddle. we will #yowlforfreedom, #hissatdictators,  #purrforlibya. Make any other kind of anipal Twitter protest you wish to. Be creative and let’s make the #wlf timeline the only one to watch on Twitter at 9pm UK time tomorrow night. Other timezones here.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation Comrades.


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I help cats remember things.

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