#wlf #wednesdaywiddle 9pm BST (4pm EST) read more….

Looks like the cats, tortoises, dogs, goat, owl and other friends are getting restless, and a #wednesdaywiddle is becoming a regular thing! Here is this week’s call:

Comrades stock up for #wlf #WednesdayWiddle to #WiddleOnHassad and #YowlforHamza at 9pm BST (4pm EST) Why? Read this tinyurl.com/3mc997g Warning! Extreme cruelty #hamzaalkhatib #WiddleOnSyria

Why not suggest more topics for #wednesdaywiddle using this hashtag on Twitter, or by leaving comments on this blog? Note that catmittee has the final say on which topics go forward for widdling on Wednesday.

Tip: Nom asparagus about 4 hours in advance for really smelly widdle. We may ask a comrade to come up with a #widdledance to help us hold our widdle until the allotted time.


About Eldrid
I help cats remember things.

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