They walked for Daisy #wlf

Daisy Doo. Copyright TourettesTabby. Used with permission.

Daisy Doo. Copyright TourettesTabby. Used with permission.

Dey walked fur Daisy,
Coz she does need her furrends,
(Anipals stick togethfur)

#PiggieHaiku (no.36) courtesy @SpartyPig

Staff of @Mr_Pie, @DevonScootle and @TourettesTabby2 went on the #walkfordaisy yesterday, and took her a box of goodies from #wlf members.

You can see more great pics from yesterday at TourettesTabby’s Flickr, and Mr Pie’s Flickr accounts.

Here is a video of Daisy sniffing her box.

The staff had made #wlf t-shirts, and a banner, and they did silly things with their hands spelling out WLF. (We KNOW how to spell it, we post on the hashtag regularly…… silly staff).

Teckels Animal Sanctuary is doing a great job looking after Daisy, and they told staff that Daisy may be able to go home soon. They have also updated Daisy’s FaceBook page, and if you look at the photos, you can even see the #wlf card designed by @JessieJaney

Well done #wlf!


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4 Responses to They walked for Daisy #wlf

  1. rambling1on says:

    Rambling1on is AdmiralHestorb’s Mom. AdmiralHestorb is #wlf member.

  2. rambling1on says:

    I love her so very very much. I am so glad to see this follow up of that orecious dear baby girl.

  3. Autumnandfamily says:

    What great pictures. This was an awesome event for a wonderful kitty! Wish I could have been there. Daisy is always in our thoughts.

  4. Splinteredones says:

    Well done #wlf! Organizing at it’s best. Unfoetunately i was sexually abused as a wee child thru growing up so my kitties have had to stay off things for a few weeks. But i applaud the courage of u who can help. Go #wlf!

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