A HUGE thank you to #wlf for #loveforDaisy

@JessieJaney has compiled the following list of all those #wlf members and their friends who participated in the #yowlforDaisy on Sunday 15 May at 9pm British Summer Time on the #wlf hashtag on Twitter.

The number of likes on Daisy’s Facebook page went up significantly.

@TourettesTabby resigned from Twitter as we had not seen or acted upon the Tweet about Daisy,  and the reaction was astounding. Never have we seen so many #wlf members and their friends yowling for so long and so hard. An hour of yowling must have really taken it out of all those cats and friends!

We must pay homage to all those who participated, some of whom ended up in TwitterJail as a result.

A huge Thank You to all of you. If you yowled, hissed, tailthumped, growled or anything else and your name isn’t here, let me know and I’ll add it.

#wlf – we salute you.

@_LoopyLynn @_pocketdynamo @4leggedTrucker
@555SMOKEY @63mg @angelsarewithu
@Autumncat2007 @Barkingskwerl @batmanrules69
@beachesseashell @BibleCat @BigWidu
@Billymawa @Bionic_Tweets @Bonniethewestie
@Boo_radley1 @brokebackkitten @brutusthedane
@Calico_Princess @CaptainMeow @carlylou
@CarpetScooter @Carto @caspatweets
@cat_a_licious @catfriends @catgirl321
@CathyKeisha @CatRulers @cats_meows
@catsbestfriend @Charshy_pup @chelleloulou
@cheriswan @CindersRkitty @CJdoggirl
@claptonhousecat @cole01 @cooperscats
@cox_tom @danapixie @Dannyspiro22
@DashKitten @DebbieRoe @Destructo_Dog
@DevilOniceSkate @DevonScootle @DickieMcFluff
@die_snuties @diemanuela @DieSchatzen
@DOOMandNEMESIS @EC_Cathouse @Effugiturus
@eldridelephant @ennomane @eriu_anna_peter
@existenciala @Fellbande @FeralTom & Goblin
@FifiFox44 @flacatlady @Flo_Tortoise
@Fredcat_Friends @FreddyVanCat @FreshOtis
@FrufruB @Fudge___X @fuzzyscorpio
@GatoTheo @GeorgeBlackCat @GinaTheMinPin
@glittrgirl @greeboblackcat @habibithecat
@HiFluffyCat @HoSchnauzer @Housepanther
@iamDaisyDoo @IamRubyTheCat @iamtammycat
@IamZorro @ickle_tikkypoo @informedferret
@ItsMeDeaner @izzietherascal @JaniceRand_
@JanizFelidae @Jaxisnotfat @JazzmanCat
@JeremyforPrez @JessieJaney @JinJinDoggy
@JoanntheRedhead @joeybeancat @Jothegiraffe
@katzentweets @kconlon1 @Keely_Bobs
@Keinzahnkatzen @kelz9880 @kezzer63
@King_Flufanella @kingtuttifruiti @kmgirl
@KotzeKatze @laggylife @LaReinaHoney
@lewistenmillion @Lexiedew @LilyLuWhoT
@lilyoliver @livingky @LoPelYr
@lou_brooke @LttleCrow @Lydia_kitteh
@madkatastic @maimecat @manxmnews
@MarceAttacks @mariamush @MarleyJo73
@martenjr @Marzi_Champi @MaximManchester
@Maya_und_Spike @MegConverse @MickeyShortTail
@micki_tweets @MillieCat @MilliesSpektre
@MischiefMoggy1 @MissZoeLuna @MizzBassie
@MogFleetCommand @MogsTogs @Mr_Pie
@MrRipleyAscot @MrTibbsatAP @mscheansachiko
@MuffinTheCat1 @My_cat_hate_you @NemesisRepublic
@NewtonToma @NewttheCat @nicecatstuff
@NicolaPaterson @NikePurrfectCat @Ninacaitlin
@NyxTheNightCat @OldMaidCatLady @OllyTed
@ourcatpack @OwenTheTonk @PalomaTheBoston
@PandoraPerx @patlockley @PepiSmartDog
@Petalbon @PetCrusader @phoebeiscrazy
@Phoenvix @PicklesNutmeg @PiixiiLala
@PixelDoggy @Princess_Merlyn @PuppyNumber7
@purrettykitty @qolduck @QueenTeazle
@RaffiundGordy @ragazzodig @RosieDaFish
@SalvatoredaCat @SaraStokes28 @sassy_sisfurs
@schilakatze @Schnoeselbande @Schwartzville
@scooterkos @Selleman @ShaynaCat
@Shilakatze @shreksmum @siofrathecat
@SnowyWestie @sola_bud @SophiejanH
@SpatmanisCool @Splinteredones @spookyshorty
@StarskyCat @StarSparkle @SuzeeToo
@sweetlilmeesha @Tarmac_The_Cat @Tashysmum
@teddyface_tia @TehWrighty @TerrorCatGang
@TheAbyCat @TheCatzMomzi @thefoxmistress
@TheMillieCat @theredshoegirl @TiaPusscat
@tiddlesfry @tiffany1961 @TigerBoyTheCat
@TiggyBean @tildatoo @Tinncat
@TippyTLawton @TourettesTabby2 @var0sha
@VillaKisu @Vorvolaka @whskr
@wreckhead_queen @zozogirlsmiles

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3 Responses to A HUGE thank you to #wlf for #loveforDaisy

  1. JessieJaney says:

    Dear @TourettesTabby2,

    Your resignation from Twitter and, more importantly, from the #wlf did shock so many of us into action (see above list for just some of them). Action that reverberated around the world on twitter. When the yowl/howl/bark and comments started pouring in I sat at my computer in stunned silence and then the tears started to pour down my face.

    I do not know why the media haven’t picked up on this story? I won’t compare animal cruelty stories but fear the fact that Daisy was sexual assaulted has something to do with it. For me, that is the very reason this should be publicised as we have to get this sick “cat f*&%ing” bastard off the street.

    I implore everybody reading this comment to:
    1. Keep adding the hashtag at the end of their tweets #loveforDaisy to get it trending
    2. Add a daisy from twibbon shown here: http://twibbon.com/join/LoveForDaisy
    3. Ask all your friends on Facebook to “like” Daisy Cat’s Page shown here: http://on.fb.me/kEXrqp
    4. Write to your local media. Copy/paste the full story shown in Description (and more) shown here: http://on.fb.me/kEXrqp
    4. Donate shown here: http://www.justgiving.com/walkfordaisy
    5. If residing nearby please join the walk

    It is easy to sit complacently in our chairs in front of a computer screen, be motivated and please do something about this atrocity now.

    Thank you @TourettesTabby2 for motivating me.



  2. TourettesTabb2 says:

    I would like to thank @JessieJaney and all of you who have taken up Daisys’ cause and running with it. A few days ago I found Daisys’ story on FB, I thought very hard before I mentioned it as I knew that a couple of my followers suffered from depression and I didn’t want to upset them. In the end I mentioned Daisy several times throughout the night and very few people noticed, not suprising really as there were a couple of pawties going on at the time and it was very late at night. One of the few responses that I recieved was a retweet that said “what the F**k it’s only a cat.” I blew my stack, told him where to get off and closed @TourettesTabby ies account, I had 400 followers at the time and had been chasing more.

    The following morning my email inbox was full, my account was closed and I was useing a lot of F words, @DevonScootle & @MilliesSpektre answered the first few questions about why I had left and posted the link to Daisys’ page, after that you all took over whilst I was sulking and having a hissy fit, I had hoped that maybe a few people might notice and like her page. I was completely wrong you and your followers responded by the hundred and raised Daisys’ profile massively.

    There were only about 1000 likes on her page when I threw my toys out of the crib and had a sulk as I’m writing this there are 2437. I can only say that I am humbled and thank you all again, you have made quiting and losing the followers I realy didn’t need worthwhile, I’m now more interested in the quality of my followers rather than the quantity.

    Thank you again,

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