The WLF Code

So that there is always a link to the Code. And it can always be found. And no cat has to tax themself with remembering the link.

The Code of the WLF.

#wlf code



About Eldrid
I help cats remember things.

4 Responses to The WLF Code

  1. Shari says:

    DUSTY: We would like to use #WLF in our tweets, as we and Scribe also oppose any and all injustice anywhere in the world, whatever species those affected may belong to.
    HURLEY: We stive to remind others that they can ‘be the change you hope to see in our world.”

  2. Hellooos Eldrid!
    @Mingmew333 <– is like this code! *Purrs* ^^

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  4. @WallasEkatt says:

    Can u remind me of the story of how the #wlf began?
    Cheers buddy,

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